A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.

RULK HONORS : IGN awards the Red HULK Comic Series as one of Marvel’s “Best of 2011” including “Best Art Team”!

As the 2011 year comes to a close, IGN has begun announcing their annual “Best Of” awards for 2011, with none other than the Red Hulk getting some much deserved recognition.  IGN broke down the “ten absolute can’t miss comics” that Marvel had to offer, celebrating Jeff Parker’s HULK series at #6.  Here is the write up:


#6 “HULK” –  IGN: “We’ll be honest. We never thought Hulk would bounce back from its first couple of years. And yet, courtesy of Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman, and Patch Zircher, Hulk has skyrocketed in quality and entertainment to become one of Marvel’s must-read titles. 2011 saw the introduction of General Fortean, a formidable foe for Thunderbolt Ross with a twist of irony; just as Ross used to hunt down Bruce Banner’s Hulk with ferocity, so too does Fortean hunt the Red Hulk.  Even amidst a Fear Itself tie-in, Hulk stayed its course and managed to be one of the few tie-in books that successfully furthered its own narrative as well as the larger event at hand. With a vast array of intriguing characters, new villains, and downright gorgeous artwork, this is the clear winner of Marvel’s two Hulk titles.”

Now if that wasn’t great news on it’s own, we’re happy to report the talented work of artist Gabriel Hardman and colorist Bettie Breitweiser were awarded as “Best Art Team” of 2011 for all comics (not just Marvel).  Here is the write up:


GABRIEL HARDMAN & BETTIE BREITWEISER – IGN:  “Of all the categories, this was the most difficult to nail down a winner for. With so much great comic book art being produced this year, it was a truly tough call. However, the work of Gabriel Hardman and colorist Bettie Breitweiser ultimately placed second to none. Hardman’s explosive page layouts, defining ink work, top-notch storytelling, and devotion to capturing the cinematic qualities of Jeff Parker’s Hulk story combined with the expressive, brilliant color palette of Breitweiser resulted in not only Marvel’s consistently beautiful book, but a shining achievement of superhero art across the board. It’s not easy to make a Hulk book full of emotion and subtlety when your main characters are rage-fueled giants, robots, and aliens. Yet here we are.”

Congratulations to the entire creative team and a big thank you for making a Red Hulk series fans can be proud of!

A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.
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